FiberSpar LinePipe™ Sales

Your Authorized Distributor of FiberSpar LinePipe™

FiberSpar LinePipe™ is a product at the forefront in modern oil and gas operations and is not available everywhere. Fortunately, FiberFlex is an authorized distributor of FiberSpar LinePipe™ to fit your operation or project.

FiberFlex is part of J&L Industrial Group. Since 2008, J&L Industrial Group along with FiberSpar, have worked together to provide FiberSpar LinePipe™ to oil and gas operators across Mexico. For quotes and sales of FiberSpar LinePipe™ for your oil and gas operation or next project, contact us today.

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FiberSpar LinePipe™ Installation

Licensed and Certified Installation

FiberSpar LinePipe™ installation is 3 times faster than steel piping and requires less manpower and equipment. It is flexible to best fit tight curves and surface irregularities. FiberFlex, part of J&L Industrial Group, is certified to install FiberSpar LinePipe™ in any project site.

FiberFlex is a licensed and certified installer of FiberSpar LinePipe™, an assurance that the installation will be done professionally and efficiently. Contact FiberFlex to install your FiberSpar LinePipe™ today.

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FiberSpar LinePipe™ Support

Product Support & Maintenance

FiberSpar LinePipe™ is a revolutionary state-of-the-art product, advancing efficiency and productivity in oil and gas operations in the U.S.A, Mexico, and around the world. At FiberFlex, part of J&L Industrial Group, we understand that you are investing in a tool that will maximize your operation’s productivity.

We are trained and licensed to provide engineering and technical support on operating your FiberSpar LinePipe™. Having worked with FiberSpar LinePipe™ since 2008, we have the experience and knowledge to assist you.

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