FiberSpar LinePipe™

The Leading Spoolable Pipeline

What is FiberSpar LinePipe™?

FiberSpar LinePipe™ is a patented, high-pressure, composite, spoolable pipe system that has been featured and proven in case studies to be much more cost effective and efficient than steel pipelines. Currently, over 50 million feet of LinePipe™ is in service today, connecting over 10,000 oil and gas wells in North America alone.

FiberSpar LinePipe™ is lightweight, flexible, reduces installed costs by 20% or more over steel piping, and is made from carbon and alloy steels coated for absolute corrosion resistance.

FiberFlex, part of J&L Industrial Group, is an authorized distributor of NOV Fiberglass Systems which manufactures the FiberSpar LinePipe™.

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Our Services


Since 2008, J&L Industrial and Forwarding, Inc, has provided FiberSpar LinePipe™ to oil and gas operators across Mexico.

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installation_minCertified Installation

FiberFlex is licensed and certified to install FiberSpar LinePipe™ in any project site across South Texas and Mexico.

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maintenance_minMaintenance & Support

The professionals at FiberFlex are trained and licensed to provide engineering and technical support on operating your FiberSpar LinePipe™.

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